“no requirement for regards, Second Lieutenant Wakaba.” Seiji checked the girl.
“no requirement for regards, Second Lieutenant Wakaba.” Seiji checked the girl.
"no requirement for regards, Second Lieutenant Wakaba." Seiji checked the girl.

"If you nonetheless feeling chilly, you could potentially call for myself."

"And then you'll heat up myself with your system?"

"looks, the underworld! I will provide extra quilt."

"You need to getting your wrapper!?

Seiji is taken speechless.

Chiaki giggled at her very own ruse.

The two of them changed looks for quite a while.

"Good night, Seiji."

"Good night, Chiaki."

After exclaiming good night to each other, Seiji switched off the light inside house and gone back to his bedroom.

"Harano onii-chan, something special for you!"

When he gone back to his or her room, this individual learn Reo moving on and passing him a compact gift package.

"many thanks." Seiji happily accepted and unwrapped upward.

The modern day got a little milk products lotion rabbit mascot from Honey Candy woman . It absolutely was connected to a series, and ended up being the ideal dimensions if you are put on their cellphone or his work desk as a decoration.

"I really like this, it fairly precious," the guy shared with her sincerely.

The tiny lady smiled cutely.

After carefully storing up the little rabbit doll, Seiji turned off the lighting fixtures and went along to rest.

Then he came into Reo's psyche area.

They opened their technique and analyzed their [gift suggestions] selection and experience he have been given several success from Shika's, Mika's, and Reo's gift ideas.

After thoroughly examining all his advantage foods, they experience that the many specific one amongst all of them am –

[Free capacity practices card], obtained from Shika's item.

Because of this one-time-use card, he or she might use any strength of their for free to your, without using any kind of his own focus or Mana, and overlooking any usage restrictions like few hours they might use it in a day. As an example, [illumination through the Brink], that was best workable one time everyday, although he tried it as soon as already, the guy would use it once more about the same night applying this cards!

This individual got an [hidden strike card] from Mika's gift.

This one-time-use card will allow him getting entirely invisible until they affected some dwelling monster or person. This disorder maybe preserved for up to 2 moments, therefore would be feasible for individuals with a very high amount of [Astral plans] to be able to read your. If the guy attacked items experiencing while under this invisibility effect, his own battle's electrical might doubled, and that he is disclosed afterward.

This became essentially a classical blend of some assassin applications abdlmatch mobile site like "stealth" and "backstab!"

He acquired a [Damage-canceling safety credit] from Reo's souvenir.

With this one-time-card would allow your to bar any one hit originating at him and acquire zero destruction from this.

He had just three keywords to spell out it: life-saving card! They could positively respond pretentiously by using this to block some enemy's ultimate means.

Despite these three playing cards, the remainder comprise some stat-raising playing cards not to mention products that received below dazzling effects.

Seiji gratefully acknowledged all of their thinking.

He immediately employed most of the stat-raising cards he previously was given, which enhanced their [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electrical power] figures correspondingly.

Then, the man sealed his technique and started initially to exercise cultivation.

After this individual accomplished the advancement requirements and paid the desired things, Seiji knew [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji rested period, then he used the very same method for jumping-off the ladder to depart Reo's psyche realm.

As he woke right up, he had gotten right up carefully so that you can not just wake-up Reo, got out of bed, put-on his coat, and moved away their room.

This individual wandered up to the family room, and discovered that Chiaki had not been present!

The leading home had been open.

Seiji strolled outdoors to determine the silver-haired luxury standing upright exterior, silently watching evening sky with her took cloth cover protecting their shoulders.

The snow have halted decreasing now, as well moon received came out. It had been illuminating every thing with a gentle silver radiance.

Under this color moonlight, a silver-haired girl had been finding out about at heavens… this arena looked stunning and poetic to Seiji.

He or she wandered over to the girl side, and silently investigated the evening air coupled with their.

After a point in time of quiet.

"one determine myself," Chiaki stated gently. "I didn't sleep and Mika, because I seen that i might be struggle to sleeping later this evening. I should need came back property, but i must say i did not want to turn back… thus I could best frustrate you tonight. Well, I did wish encounter what it really felt like to fall asleep on tatami mats by a kotatsu 's back besides… at the very least, Having been simply being willful. I apologize for any bother I could need brought about we."

Seiji appeared towards the woman.

"i did not see anything specifically, and had been simply allowing you to would whenever happy.

We released in the exact middle of the night time to be sure of we because I had been concerned assuming you staying frigid. I realize that one may staying somewhat willful at times, and it's fine. Easily believed that that you were expressing anything irrational, I'd comment on it. Easily felt that you're doing things excessive, I would stop you using iron fists of justice. Additionally, on one other hands, as long as I don't envision it things unreasonable, i will cooperate with you, or give you a hand, or accompany you."

Seiji smiled softly. "Thus, that is why do not apologize, nor miss on your own way too much in loneliness… The expression of women run from a catastrophe story doesn't suit your style anyway, Chiaki."

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