Big Montreal structured crime figure Raynald Desjardins to be released soon
Big Montreal structured crime figure Raynald Desjardins to be released soon
Big Montreal structured crime figure Raynald Desjardins to be released soon

Desjardins was sentenced in 2016 for playing a respected role in the storyline to eliminate Mafioso Salvatore Montagna last year.

For many years, Raynald Desjardins got strong connections to both the Rizzuto business and also the Hells Angels in Quebec. Photo by Picture politeness Radio Canada

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Montreals structured crime world could quickly bring complicated as Raynald Desjardins, an effective mob figure from inside the town for many years, will reach their legal release time and exit a federal penitentiary eventually.



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Desjardins, 67, is actually providing a sentence the guy obtained in 2016 after he pleaded bad to getting part of the conspiracy to destroy Salvatore Montagna, a Mafia commander which moved from New York to Montreal and attempted to control the Montreal Mafia.

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Originally, Desjardins and Montagna worked collectively so that they can take control of from the Rizzuto organization. But research gathered during a Combined power Special administration device (CFSEU) medication trafficking examination disclosed their particular connection soured. Somebody made an effort to destroy Desjardins in Laval in 2011, together with proof unveiled Desjardins and males just who worked underneath your plotted to kill Montagna responding. While he and his co-conspirators had been recharged regarding the Montagnas slaying, no-one got finally found guilty of obtaining actually done the homicide.



Montagna ended up being slain on Nov. 24, 2011, in Charlemagne, just east of Montreal.

For decades, Desjardins have strong ties to the Rizzuto organization and Hells Angels in Quebec. In early 1990s, he was involved in plans to smuggle a lot of cocaine into Canada. The storyline involved big numbers from both Hells Angels as well as the Montreal Mafia. Desjardins finished up offering a 15-year prison name for his part where land.

Through the 1980s, he had been therefore near mob president Vito Rizzuto that authorities frequently regarded their particular team because the Rizzuto-Desjardins company.

The CFSEU investigation that uncovered the plot to eliminate Montagna also expose that Desjardins managed a sizable set of men.

In December 2016, Dejardins was actually sentenced to a total 14-year jail phase for their major character from inside the land to kill Montagna. But with time served factored in, he had been left with a prison label of six many years and half a year.



He decided not to demand a parole hearing while behind bars and he thus instantly qualifies for a statutory release when he achieves two-thirds tag from the sentence. In these instances, the Parole panel of Canada is bound to imposing conditions on an offenders release.

You bring explained that as you comprise trusted inside the milieu plus if you were in pension, you used to be consulted by former compatriots in the context of a battle between different events that progressed within milieu of the Mafia, the Parole panel of Canada observed in its decision made on Wednesday to enforce about five circumstances on Desjardinss production.

The panel also observed that current offered suggestions indicates that you have been a significant and important person in traditional prepared criminal activity for decades.


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One situation makes it necessary that Desjardins maybe not keep company with any known criminals or folks linked with medicine trafficking when it comes down to remainder of their phrase. This is problematic for Desjardins as he offered his 15-year sentence as he had been returned behind pubs one or more times for having found with a Montreal Mafia leader while out on a statutory launch in those days.

The choice furthermore notes Desjardins advertised he has got small comprehension of their current economical situation. The parole panel cautioned Desjardins that transparency are essential as he provides suggestions to a parole officer on his earnings with his expenditures while he is out on statutory release.

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