How can I delete or unsubscribe from a Meetic account forever?
How can I delete or unsubscribe from a Meetic account forever?
How can I delete or unsubscribe from a Meetic account forever?

The way we relate to others has changed over time, the most noticeable change has emerged in recent decades. The arrival of computing and the digital world completely changed the way we see things.

From the beginning it was noted that it was a whole world of possibilities that was opened with the use of computing. For example, how practical it became to use tools that they offer us, to carry out jobs that were previously complex tasks.

Later with the arrival of the internet, this world expanded to levels we never thought . The transit of so much information has made it possible for us to expand our knowledge in a very practical way.

How can I delete or unsubscribe from a Meetic account forever?

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On the other hand, communication became much more fluid , to the point of creating tools that allow us to communicate naturally and comfortably. This is where the use of social networks and applications that are currently leaders in communication comes in.

From there, anyone with internet access can enter different platforms, interact with friends or make new friends. The best thing about all this is that communication is done instantly regardless of distance.

A whole virtual society was created where we interact with different people, share thoughts, information and an immense amount of aspects that identify us. All of this led to platforms emerging that focused only on specific aspects of our lives.

Many of the people who enter social networks do so in order to establish a romance . Because of this, companies emerged that saw an opportunity. For this reason, platforms and applications for dating were created , focused on bringing people closer from the sentimental point of view, even Facebook allowed to activate a dating profile on Facebook couples that many still wonder how safe it is.

One of these platforms is Meetic , which is basically a web platform that offers online dating services . Created in 2001 with headquarters in France, it has been one of the pioneering platforms in offering online dating services.

In this way, it is common that at some point we have decided to create an account on Meetic. But for some reason we do not want to continue registering with this service, as it does not meet our expectations.

If this is our case, we must know the method that must be followed to cancel our account. For this reason, in this article we will learn how I can unsubscribe from a Meetic account forever.

Steps to delete a Meetic account

The first thing we must do is open our trusted browser and access our Meetic account, from the official site. We must go to the main page of the Meetic platform.

If what we want is to delete our account forever, we must go to the upper right corner of the screen and select our username . A menu of options will be displayed, here we click on the option My account / My pass .

Now we must go down with the scroll bar located on the right of the screen, we must go down to the end. We will see the last option that says To hide your profile, click here and we click on it.

Again we must download everything, with the space bar and click on the last option that says To cancel your account permanently and delete your Meetic profile, click here . The next step will be to enter our email and password in the boxes that request it, we click on Save .

We will get an information box indicating that we are about to delete our account, we must click on the Save option . Finally we confirm by clicking on Cancel account .

In this way, the Meetic account will be deleted forever, and we will not be able to log in with that account again. No more annoying messages or notifications will arrive to our emails on the Meetic page.

Finally, we hope that this article has helped you. We'd like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to unsubscribe from Meetic, following the steps explained above? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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